Meticulously Hand Farmed


Swede Hill Vineyards is located in the Swede Hill neighborhood of the beautiful West Hills of Portland, Oregon just 2.5 miles west of downtown. The elevation and varied exposures are ideally suited to the growing of premium wine grapes. Colleen and Werner Nistler of Touchmark have teamed up with husband and wife winemakers, Matt and Nancy Vuylsteke of Farm to Cork, LLC to produce a Pinot Noir that is meticulously hand farmed. 




Nestled in the West Hills, the first planting of the Swede Hill Estate vineyards will produce grapes of varied fruit characteristics anticipated for future harvest. In the meantime, our 2014 Swede Hill Pinot Noir uses four clones from two vineyards closely matching the existing and future plantings at the Swede Hill estate site.





Colleen & Werner Nistler

When asked about their hobbies, Colleen and Werner instinctively mention family first, then work, and now the vineyard. Blessed with 6 children and a 24 year union, the Nistlers, both hailing from large families, above all else cherish their time together. Now they have the opportunity to bring people closer together through their new shared passion of winemaking and vineyard owners.

Werner, who founded Touchmark in 1980, began assembling the land in the West Hills about 15 years ago with a vision of building an upscale retirement community and boomer condo development like none other in the city. A big part of this vision, thanks in large part to his partner and wife Colleen, who joined Touchmark in 1987, is the property amenity now known as Swede Hill Vineyards. Now, when they are not attending their children's sporting events, traveling, running marathons, biking, swimming, supporting their favorite charities and running their business — the Nistlers can be found amongst the vines enjoying the fruits of their labor awaiting to share it with family and friends.