Founded on the same values that have guided their business practices for more than 30 years, the Nistlers seek to enrich people’s lives by bringing family and friends together. Their passion for preserving the traditions that are created through sharing good food and fine wine led to the creation of Swede Hill Vineyards. This property is the embodiment of their life-long vision of leaving a legacy of family and the building of a dream to be shared.




The first planting of the Swede Hill Estate vineyards are on a gently East facing slope at over 800 feet elevation. The site has ideal vineyard soils mostly from a base of weathered rock - allowing water to drain well. Other areas to be planted at Swede Hill are in locations with South and South-West facing exposure that has both the weathered rock as well as wind blown sedimentary soils. These areas will grow very different fruit characteristics which will translate into delightfully complex estate wines. 

The plant materials selected are a very classic 'Oregon' mix of the 'Pommard' clone - a heritage clone that has been the backbone to the state's great Pinot Noirs for over 40 years. In addition to the Pommard, a mix of 'Dijon' clones have also been selected, including: 115 and 777. We anticipate keeping this mix of Pinot Noir in future plantings, with the addition of 667.